What is Share Market and How to earn Money from Share Market?

Guys, we all know about a term used by most of the investers, Share Market. This market is that type which can make a person one of the richest but it is also that which made condition of people worst. Today in this article, we will discuss all the things about share market that how to invest in it? How to earn from this market? When we should invest in this investment market?

Share Market / Stock Market

We all the meaning of Share, it means we have some parts of any thing. While market is the place where we can buy anything or sell anything whenever we want or when it is opened for all or for the buyer/seller.

Terms: BSE & NSE in Stock Market

When we trade any share or stock in share market this all is done on some stock exchanges or on the basis of stock exchanges.

BSE and NSE are the stock exchanges which work on computer networks. If anyone is willing to buy any share, invester can go through these stock exchanges.

BSE stands for BOMBAY STOCK EXCHANGE and NSE stands for NATIONAL STOCK EXCHANGE. BSE and NSE are the two stock exchanges in that majorly works in India.

What are Indexes in Share Market?

In different news channels and newspapers, you must heard about word Index or Nifty/Sensex. So let me tell you about these terms. Both Nifty and Sensex are the main index of NSE(National) and BSE(Bombay) respectively. If we want to know about market condition and trend, we can get access of them by these indices.

These indices depend on the companies having large capital, or different cap like large, mid and small. It is also possible to know indices of individual sector like banking index, agro index, manufacturing, medical etc.

How To Buy Shares or Stocks in Share/Stock Market?

Before buying, we want to tell you something about demat account. Yes, you also know this term by different advertisement. Before buying any share/stock you are needed to open a Demat account. You can open it with any broker with whom you want.

There you need to open three types of accounts in to buy a share or even for selling. These accounts are as follows: 1) Saving Account, 2) Demat Account, 3) Trading Account and for all these services you also need to pay an annual fee for it’s maintenance.

This fee is charged by brokers so that they maintain your account to make it more secure. Another fee for buying/selling stocks is also charged by brokers and this fee is called brokerage fee, if you know something about crypto exchanges when you buy any crypto currency you also have to pay 0.02% of fees to any crypto broker like coindcx.

What is Portfolio in Stock Exchange?

Portfolio is a term used by most of the commerce students, this term means the list of all shares that we have purchased. When we purchase any share then the list of these shares is listed in portfolio in our demat account.

How To Diversify Portfolio in our Demat Account?

There are different companies in the market and their performance is also different from one another. Some are performing good while some are not in stock market in previous years. While creating your portfolio, it’s diversify means to add those stocks in your list which make your investment risk minimum.

Bulls Vs Bears in Stock Market

If you have ever watched Scam 1992 , you must heard these two terms bull and bear in stock exchanges. Bulls are those who always try to rise the prices and demands of the stocks while bears are those who always try to fall the prices of the stocks.

Both bulls and bears try these things to earn more and more profits. When market is under bulls each share performs well even it is not good in the opposite when market is under bears each share is doing under performance even it is good.

How to Purchase first Share?

Before buying any share an invester should do a proper research of the market and the company in which the person is interested for buying. An invester should purchase first stock through research only not by suggestion of any person or influencer.

If this is your first time, you can go towards big capital companies because through this your risk will be minimum.

How to become Rich by investing in Stock Market?

You all must know some of the person who got lakhs of rupees just by investing in this market. This all is due to multubagger Stocks.

What is a multubagger Stock? The answer is that these stocks are those which give double, triple or more returns within a short time like a few months, few years or maybe within weeks. If you want to become rich by these stocks, you should find multubagger stocks for your investment.

When we should invest in stocks? What is the perfect time?

For investing in it, there is no such perfect time but you can wait for the right time according to you at the time of investment. You should invest in any company only when you trust on it as if it can give you profits in coming future.

How To Earn Proft from this Share Market?

Here you need to buy shares of the company in which you are interested and you trust. Trust can be made by proper research on the brand. If you buy a stock and retain it for a long time until it returns a good profit.

Big companies which get good profit also give bonus to their shareholders as a gratitude. This gratitude is also important because when an invester invests an amount it is very difficult to take risk on the money.

This is because investers have earned it after doing a lot of hardwork and then to earn more they invest in such markets.

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