Top 5 Best And Cheapest Crypto To Buy in 2022

Top 5 Best Cheapest crypto currency in 2022

As we know there is huge crypto crush this summer.And every body loses a lot of money in crypto.Every body loses as estimation 1/2 of his crypto pro folio.

Other hand the crush is opportunity to evry body who want to buy crypto this time.I can say buying crypto currency this time is a best decision ever person take.


So I will share this article some of cheapest crypto currency tokens to buy today.

They are all good and potential and you can invest as long term investor and they are all priced below $1 and have masively shining future.

1. Cardano {ADA}

Cardano is largest smart contract and the most valuable crypto currency on out list 5 crypto currency  below$1 to buy to day Cardano is launched 2017 , cardano is on mission to replace ethereum as the most preferred smart contract platform and also its unique.

Cardano has potential sources that can help to grow massively.

It can reach $25 in 2025 and beyond $50 in coming decade 

If you invest today you can make 100000% and such promising future 

Cardano is one of the best crypto currency to buy today and hold next coming years 

2. Dogecoin {Doge}

Dogecoin is the most valuable and arguably the most popular meme currency. It has the backing of the celebrity entrepreneur Elon Musk and a horde of crypto influencers and popular investors.

Dogecoin also has a large and vigorous community of supporters, especially on Twitter and Reddit. It makes it to our list of best crypto under $1 to buy in 2022 because of its ability to earn its investors’ significant returns in a relatively short period.

In the beginning of 2021 the doge helps its holders to grow 2000%

3. Ripple {XRp}

The third of the cheapest and valuable crypto currency to buy June on 2022 is ripple 

Ripple coins and ripple blockchain seek to distrubt the global banking industry of the world 

They want to replace the swift payemant and communication network and introduce it faster 

Ripple is launched 2014 

Every one in crypto understood the massive potential of ripple

It reaches its peak 2018 in $3.5 

And it has potential sources that can help it to grow 

4.Tron {trx}

Tron is a revolutionary blockchain that seeks to revolutionize the multi-billion entertainment industry. First launched on Ethereum before launching its own mainnet, the Justin Sun-led network seeks to remove the big tech intermediaries like YouTube, Apple, and Facebook from the entertainment industry. It intends to give content creators and developers control over the distribution and payment of their content.

The reason why we add tron on our list is that trx is already discounted 

At the time iam writting trx tokens are selling 80% below its all time high 

And it moving forward 

It is expected to reach 3$ in 2030

5. Algorand {algo}

Algorand is the one of the most potential and cheapest crypto currency to buy today 

Algo was launched in 2018

Algorand has enjoyed steady growth,owing to its ultra fast and multi use technology.

It has expansive ecosystem and even through it currently is trading 90% below of its all time high 

It has $2B of market cap 

In the upcoming world cup of 2022 the algo will be an office regional supporter for North America and Europe 

And more other reasons are expected to help Catapult of algorand token price to un imaginable all time hights 

Some expections says it can reach arround $50

Summing up  

I hope this article will help you to take right decision if you want to buy crypto currency to day in this summer 

These 5 tokens above are the most potentials and cheapest crypto currencys  in this summer. So I hope atleast 2 of this tokens will be at your profolio

By the way iam not financiall advisor. So make your own research specially when you are in crypto world it si so hard to take action when you are in the first stage. So make your own research, and take this article as knowledge

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